Step therapy isn’t a therapy at all. It is an insurance company tactic that often requires you to try one or more drugs before getting the medicine that your doctor prescribed. It’s time to return the decision making to doctors and patients.


We, the undersigned individuals, join with Let My Doctors Decide to respectfully request that you, as a decision-maker positioned to influence health care policies and practices, act to stop the madness of step therapy.

The clinician-patient relationship is “the most powerful force in our healthcare system for improving health outcomes.”¹ Yet, too often health plans and PBM policies interfere to undermine that relationship, endanger patients’ health, and create unnecessary hurdles that clinicians and patients must overcome to access recommended treatments.


Accordingly, we support Stopping the Madness of Step Therapy by:

1-CMS, RFI: Reducing Administrative Burden to Put Patients over Paperwork, June 2019.

Requiring that step therapy requirements be clinically based on current evidence and used for medical reasons only

Leaving the final decision as to whether a patient has “failed” on a therapy with the treating physician,

not the insurer

Prohibiting switching of medications for

non-medical reasons without the prescribers’ consent

At the pharmacy counter, patients should receive discounts, rebates, and other insurer and non-insurer savings that help make medicines more affordable

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My health is what matters most, not an insurance company tactic designed to put profit before the interests of patients. Will you join me?

Let My Doctors Decide is a national partnership of leaders across health care working in support of a simple goal: treatment decisions should always be made by patients and trusted health care professionals, not insurance companies or pharmacy benefit managers.

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